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 -Heat-resistant, high damping dome membrane made of natural fiber
-High-performance magnets, antimagnetic shielded magnetic structure with great driving force
-High power handling voice coil with heat-resistant aluminum alloy former and aluminum voice coil wire coated with copper,
-Rigid M.I. front panel design-prevents unnecessary vibration

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RT1L ribbon tweeter units.

Innovational style of pointing style design.

Round ribbon ring-like film membrane can eliminate the differences between uprightness and parallel.

Soundstage orientation makes more accurate and nature

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-Using leading technology of Small/Thiele parameters
-Light and extremely rigid cone made from Kevlar? Paper composite
-Germany special manufactured anti-tired high loss natural rubber surround: fully absorb unnecessary vibration energy!
-Britain produced high-transparent and high-steady spider-can improve the characteristic of compliance air compressing.