Musiccast DUO WX 30 + ISX 80 Volledige grootte weergeven

Musiccast DUO WX 30 + ISX 80

Pakket van WX 80 en ISX80


1 x Yamaha Musiccast WX 030


Connect the music, expand the enjoyment


This Wi-Fi-enabled streaming speaker is so compact you can put it just about anywhere for instant listening. It’s compatible with MusicCast, a new system that lets you connect devices such as AV receivers and desktop audio equipment via your home’s wireless network to deliver music whenever and wherever you like.


1 x Yamaha Musiccast ISX 80

Decorate Your Home with Music

Restio provides interior art through music whether wall-mounted or placed on a shelf. Compatibility with streaming services and Yamaha’s new system MusicCast means more ways to enjoy music than ever before.

€ 699,00

in plaats van € 748,00

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